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Providers of certified STa"M.
In today’s world everyone knows exactly which hechsherim he does and does not use, yet when it comes to STa"M, people assume that “If it looks kosher it must be OK".
Unfortunately, since there is no one overseeing the intricate process of producing STa"M items and certifying the scribes and proofreaders and everything else involved, many people are buying Mezuzos, Tefillin and even Sifrei Torah that are completely Passul, or Kosher Bidieved.

Why choose Zichron Olam?

  Trust - Certified by an organization you know and trust.

  Cost - Zichron Olam works directly with the Sofrim and Magihim without the added cost of the middleman, so you can rest assured that you are getting a great deal.

  Ease - The complete deal, from the comfort of your home, with everything you need to buy Mezuzos, Tefillin or Sifrei Torah.

Go the reliable way.
Order certified STA"M today.

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Extra Shemirah -All Zichron Olam Mezuzos are carefully inspected that the tagin on the letter 'ל' are the right height.

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