Zichron Olam SHU"T

Unfortunately, alot of the Tefillin and Mezuzos sold around the world are either Kosher Bidieved or totally Possul. In some cases this can be apparent on the Ksav to a trained eye, yet sometimes there is no way to know.

Zichron Olam SHU"T offers quick and easy "STa"M Assessment", to check what basic category you're Mezuzos fall into.

Just email us a picture and we will consult with our base of select Rabannim and expert Sofrim on your behalf.

Note: This service is only basic assessment based on the picture sent. IT IS IN NO WAY A SUBSTITUTE FOR HAVING STa"M CHECKED IN PERSON. SIMILARLY, THERE ARE MANY THINGS WHICH MAKE STa"M POSSUL WHICH CAN NEVER BE SEEN ON THE FINISHED PRODUCT. This service has no affiliation what so ever with the Star-K.

We can be reached at: avraham@zichronolam.com or 1-888-414-8103