Select Size of Klaf

Since all Sifrei Torah have 42 lines on each Amud (Page), the size of the letters varies according to the size of the Klaf. You can click the links below to view a PDF showing the actual size of the handwriting.
Regular Regular Sefer Torah – The height of the Klaf (Parchment) for standard Sifrei Torah ranges between 15 and 19 inches.  Although there is a noticeable difference in the overall size between a Sefer Torah with 15 inch Klaf and a Sefer Torah with 19 inch Klaf, within this range the size of the Ksav (Handwriting) does not vary noticeably and depends a lot on the Sofer (Scribe).  The Ksav is approximately this size.  (Price: $3,500)
Small Small Sefer Torah - The Klaf of a small Sefer Torah is between 8 and 12 inches tall.  The Ksav is approximately this size. (Price: $2,500)

Large Sifrei Torah have 22 inch Klaf. The Ksav is  approximately this size. (Price $4,500).

NOTE: Larger Sifrei Torah can also be ordered.  Please ask for details.

NOTE: The size of the actual Sefer Torah is much larger due to the Atzei Chaim (Torah Rollers). In standard size Sifrei Torah the Atzei Chaim add an additional 17 inches to the overall size of the Sefer Torah.  Therefore If you choose 19 inch Klaf then the entire Sefer Torah will be 36 inches (3 feet) tall.   The size of the Atzei Chaim also varies depending on the size of the Sefer Torah.  Before you decide, it may be worthwhile to see an actual Sefer Torah with the same size klaf.